A truly simple and effective design guaranteed to help improve accuracy and eliminate torque. A must have for all bow hunters and archers alike. Tested and approved by Sportsmen of the Rockies. Make sure you don't go through another season without one.

You can't go wrong with the diamond peep sight! I'm shooting more accurately and more consistently then ever before. The diamond peep sight is a must have!

Huntingvidz Team

If you're a bow hunter, and fast target acquisition is a must, then look no further. The Diamond Peep sight is readily available at DEADRED OUTDOORS. You use the one of a kind diamond shaped peep as both a centering and leveling system. Imagine a horizontal line from east to west corners on the peep, and a vertical line from the north and south corners, center your pin where the lines would meet, and send it. The consistency is unparalleled. The guys at Paradigm Outdoors we're afforded the opportunity to utilize this innovative design this past fall and were impressed to say the least. I was able to come to full draw on a buck this fall in Upstate NY, only to bump my elbow on my camera man's bow. The buck froze 35 yards away and had us pinned. I was at full draw for a minute and 18 seconds on this deer hoping he would turn from quartering to, to broadside. When the buck finally moved, I was able to look through the peep easily and clearly, and line up the shot quickly. If it wasn't for the diamond peep, I'm confident that I would have muffed the shot. Not only am I sold on the design, and ease of use, but so is the entire Paradigm Outdoors Team! "Challenge The Status Quo" and get your Diamond peep from DEADRED OUTDOORS today!!

I'll be the first to admit I was skeptical when I first saw the diamond peep sight. But after shooting with it over the course of the summer and 2015 nebraska deer season, I'm impressed. The field of view and pin acquisition are outstanding. The design lends itself to be self centering...great design concept. The proof is in this nice muley I double lunged at 60 yards. You need confidence in your setup to make a shot like that and I'm a believer in the diamond peep.
Todd Larimer
Brule. NE